Trinity Lutheran Church
                           Altar Guild 

                     All members of Trinity are invited to be a member of the Altar Guild. They meet on the third Monday of each month for                      Bible study and are responsible for the service of care for the altar and all that pertains to it, including assisting with                            communion. 


Altar Guild Committees

January               Mary Lou Britven                                                   Marlene Freudenberg 

February             Nadine Pals                                                             Amy Dodge

 March                 Glea Brunner                                                          Gerry Lujan 

April                    Nancy Rockman                                                     Ranae Stinson 

May                     Audrey Warner                                 Bonnie Ogaard

 June                  Linda Hunt                                                       Julie Sanchez                

July                    Marlene Freudenberg                                            Nadine Pals

August               Audrey Warner                                                       Bonnie Ogaard

September        Nancy Rockman                                                     Ranae Stinson

 October            Maggie Caldell                                                        Amy Dodge

 November        Glea Brunner                                                            Janet Nauman


Week 1               Dec. 5 & 6

Week 2               Dec. 12 & 13

Week 3               Dec. 19 & 20

Week 4               Dec. 26 & 27

Altar Guild Responsibilities

Prepare communion on 1st and 3rd weekends or whenever necessary.

Dust altars in sanctuary and chapel.

Change eternal candle in sanctuary and chapel.

Upkeep of the acolyte robes (cleaning, pressing and repairs)

Baptism towels are ordered and paid for by Altar Guild.

Wine, disposable cups and wafers are paid for and ordered by the office staff. 


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Worship Times: Sat. 5PM Sun 9:00AM 10:30AM